Start your business right now – A list of the best cities for a perfect business environment

New York, Silicon Valley, Chicago, Los Angeles, Seattle, Austin and more have scenes for budding startups to compete with the bigger investors and companies. All the aforementioned cities have one thing in common, that they are pricey and that the competition in each of the cities is steep. Hence, majority of the potential business founders are desperately looking for the upcoming cities or states which provide a great scene for starting their business. Read on to get a list of the places to start a business in the US.

How does a location seem attractive for a potential business owner?

Something that attracts the younger generation is the fact that there are many more young people in that location. The youngsters would be petrified of the thought of starting a business at a place like Cleaveland where there are no other younger population. If you’re moving out with 10 friends, you expect another 25 of them in the city so that you can keep visiting each other. For instance, Seattle couldn’t ever be Seattle until Microsoft, Starbucks and Amazon helped it soar in popularity.

The 3 cities which could be the next Seattle for the business startups

  • Pittsburgh

A fact about Pittsburgh that many people don’t know is that this city is home to Uber, Google and Amazon and that it is one of the most liberal and dynamic city in the nation. There is a remarkable and noteworthy resurgence that is constantly going on in Pittsburgh driven by the talented workforce trying to make it the biggest hubs for innovation. It has been home to technologies like self-driven cars, something that was developed 10 years back by robotics engineers. Now it is home to Uber’s Advanced Technology Center.

  • Providence

Another place which has made major and sufficient investments in entrepreneurship is the State of Rhode Island. It was in 2016 that they lured Johnson & Johnson, GE Digital and Virgin a facilitator for setting up innovation enterprises. In fact, the authorities in Rhode Island have even started offering college tuition incentives to lure new talent and use the current talent of other research institutions.

  • Indianapolis

Did you know that the largest skyscraper of Downtown Indy is going to get a major overhaul with its name? It is going to be named Salesforce from Chase Bank and they are all working to deck the tower in different work spaces with 800 new employees. Indy is being considered as the 4th best city in tech for women due to their gender pay game, jobs filled for women and their growth in tech. You will also be surprised to know that Purdue has the 3rd biggest population of international students in America and very soon it is going to be called the biggest commercial real estate firm.

So, now that you’re aware of the best places for starting a business in the US, what are you waiting for? Set up a business plan as soon as possible and jumpstart into opening a new source of income for you.