How To Protect Private Company Data During an Office Move

Moving an entire office to a new location is no easy feat. It comes with huge responsibilities. When moving an office, there is more than just office equipment and furniture at stake. Sensitive employee and client data is on the line. Many companies over time implement procedures and methods to prevent identity theft and data breaches. However, office moving presents and provides the perfect opportunity for the secured information to end up in the wrong

Reputable commercial movers understand what is at stake and implement measures to ensure
company data remains protected and secure during the move. That said, it is imperative that you choose North York movers that are skilled in data protection and storage. Here are some methods used to protect data during an office move.

Chain Of Custody Procedure

Implementing a strict chain of custody procedure is by far one of the best ways to ensure
sensitive company information and data remains secure. Chain of custody infers that all items during the office move are documented, packed and loaded and sealed. Professional commercial movers should at all times know the handler of any item.

The moving company also ensures that the sealed loads are checked for damage and tampering
at every stage of handing over. This protocol works to ensure that the items are transported untouched. The package seal is only broken when the items have arrived at the new office location and are to be unloaded.

Data Storage

This is yet another great option for preserving the integrity of office data during a move.
When choosing the best moving company from a long list of North York movers you should ensure that your pick specializes in data storage – secure data storage. Private records and data are collected and stored securely. Some movers take the step to implement modern fire technology safeguards in their storage warehouses.

Several trained personnel are assigned to the security of the stored data and records.
Under their watchful eye, the data is securely delivered to the new office location. This process and method helps to reduce the number of hands handling the sensitive company data and information and as such reduces the risk of identity theft and data breaching.

It Is All A Matter of Opportunity

Unfortunately, and truth be told, it is not overly difficult for a tech-savvy thief to get their hands on sensitive office information during a move. All a data thief needs is opportunity and time. Lack of planning before an office move presents an identity thief with the perfect opportunity to steal employees’ and clients’ information. An identity thief only requires a few bits of information to complete their mission. If any company moving their office fails to protect their private data, they are held liable for the crime just as the identity thief. So why take the risk?

Before moving your office, ensure you vet the moving companies and ensure that they
are more than equipped and experienced to protect your data during a move. This will save the company time and money and provide it with peace of mind during the move.