A Guide to Land Titles and Registries Office Information in Calgary

A registries office in Calgary can help you to fulfill most of the information and documentation requests that will take you to a land titles office. The staff at these offices will help you to do title searches and give you information about historical titles and certified copies. If you need copies of important documents like survey plan copies you can also get them at a registries office in Calgary. Here is a brief description of some of the services you can enjoy at a registries or land titles office.

Vital Statistics

You can obtain vital statistics and related services from a registries office in Calgary. These include: marriage licence, marriage certificate, legal name change, genealogical search, death certificate and birth certificate. When you need these documents or services, you need to complete an application form and come with valid proof of identity such as a driver’s licence, permanent resident card, passport, immigration visa, and citizenship card.

Corporate Registry

When you need to launch a new company, non-profit organization or society, a registries office can help you to carry out the registration process in a smooth manner. Virtually all forms of incorporation can be handled by the registry agents. They will guide you through each step of the process and help you to complete all the documentation required.

Vehicle Registration and Driver’s License

In order to avoid the complexities of most government agencies, it is better to visit a registries office in Calgary when you need to register a new car or to renew your license. The range of driver services offered include driver’s exam information, driver’s license information, motor vehicle services, fine payments and acceptable ID/residency. All these services are offered in a prompt and well-organized manner with quick response times and exceptional customer service.

Personal Property Registry

You can also visit a registries office for registration of matrimonial property order, attachment orders, writs of enforcement, court orders, attachment orders, land charge, statutory charge, and security arrangements. Searches are also offered by distribution seizure, registration number, serial number and indivdual debtor name.

Registration of Personal Property Lien

A lien allows you to register your personal property as security for a loan. The items you can register include: aircraft, machinery, household goods and vehicles. When you are accepting goods as security for a loan, they are called interests. It is important to register these interests to protect yourself against loss or legal conflicts. You can also use the services at the registries office to search the personal property registry before you buy any items that are accepted as personal property, so you can confirm that they are not registered as liens.

Registration and Adjustment of Alberta Health Care Plan

If you need to process your registration or modify an existing registration of an Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan, you can visit a reliable registries office. Both new Albertans and existing residents who want to make changes to their coverage information can approach registry agents for help. They will help you to update your name, address and marital status. You can also approach them to include or remove dependents.

These are some of the most important services you can enjoy when you visit a registries or land titles office in Calgary. They will reduce the time and effort required to perform registration and searches.